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On today's edition of MLB Inside the Numbers with special guests Jonah Keri ( and John Heylar (author of the Bloomberg article), we dived into the controversial article from that highlighted a secret deal between former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball. 

Here is a snippet from Heylar's Bloomberg article: 

"A settlement ending their 2011 battle in U.S. Bankruptcy Court gives the Dodgers’ new owners a chance to cap income subject to revenue-sharing from a proposed regional sports network at about $84 million a year, according to five people familiar with the confidential “special terms.” With TV sports-rights experts saying the team could get as much as $225 million a year from a network’s rights fees, the Dodgers may enjoy an annual unshared windfall of as much as $141 million".

Revolving the show around the collusion aspects of the article, we asked both guests what type of fallout we could see from this deal. Meaning, will we see the New York Yankees, who paid 110 million dollars in profit sharing after the 2011 season, call foul.  The responses we're rather interesting. 

We hope you enjoy show.